I told you that big things are in store for our family this year.  These changes have been in the works for over a year.  We should have been making this announcement this time last year, but Chris was diagnosed with cancer, we found out we were having a baby, and COVID happened… I mean… some small things delayed these changes.  Small.  But all in God’s timing, right?

BUT…. things are finally in place and we are official. 

The Maas family is moving to San Antonio!!!!  That’s right.  Watch out SA, because we are coming for you this summer!!! 

Chris was presented with an opportunity, and the only answer was yes.  We are very thankful and feel extremely blessed as a family, and SA is no stranger to us.  I graduated from UTSA and lived and worked in SA, and Chris lived in SA prior to moving back to Austin after college.  We have an amazing friend base there, and we love the area so much.  It’s truly like going back home for us. 

Yes, we have built wonderful connections here.  I have spent the majority of my career in the same district, and it feels like a final goodbye, BUT… we are feeling all the feels about this next adventure and know God is placing us there for a reason.  I can feel it.  So this is a but YES for us.  

If you have followed me for more than a hot second, you know that I believe God speaks directly to my heart.  He has spoken to me VERY clearly on at least two other occasions.  One, he told me we would have a second baby.  Now, I wanted it to happen in my time, and he made it happen on his time… but that’s a different post.  Two, he told me Chris would be fine the day we got is cancer diagnosis and that it would all be ok.  He is telling me now that this move is the right one, and big things are around the corner.  I should learn by now to listen.  And follow. 

I don’t know what those big things are just yet, but I know I am supposed to put one foot in front of the other, say yet, and obey.  Follow him.  Trust him.  He has taught me over and over that this is the way.  He will reveal in his timing exactly what I need to know, AND that I need to let go of control.  WHAAAATTTT! Wait.. WHAAATTT!???!  Let go of control!?!  YUP.  LET.  IT.  GO.  As I’ve mentioned over and over.  I’m stubborn.  Go ahead.  Laugh.

So here we are.  About 4 months left in this house.  The house we bought thinking we wouldn’t be able to have kids of our own.  The house we brought both our babies home to.  Now we begin the process of thinning out, packing up, and heading South.  South to new beginnings and an adventure that we know will bring us much joy.  Go on this adventure with us!  

Here’s to new beginnings!

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