Minimizing aligns with God… who knew!?!  I did, but I forgot and needed a reminder.

I was sitting in church last Sunday after a week of vacation and spending the week prior purging and minimizing my closet.  Our pastor, Danny, ALWAYS speaks truth. He really knows how to suck you in and then lay it out so the message is clear as day!  This message was no different and in context of the weeks prior, really hit home and made this journey that started out as a way to reduce clutter and stress into a journey that also aligns to God’s will for us as his people.  I know, right! Didn’t I already know this? YES. But I forget these things sometimes, and I needed this reminder. Thank you, Danny!

Living well is a struggle y’all.  Especially with a family and a full time job.  I get STRESSED! Yes. I’m a teacher and get my summer “off.”  (Insert wicked witch like laughing here…baahaahaa!) I go to trainings, answer emails and calls, read for my three books studies, think about the next year, text my boss with grand ideas, talk to teachers when something pops into my head, and on top of that, I choose to run a small business of my own.  This girl is not “off” for the summer. So when I wanted to declutter and jump into my minimalism reboot, I added a bit more stress because I simply don’t have a lot of time to do it. Chris loves that. Heeheehee. Oh, did I mention I’m a homebody who has to recharge with quiet time… and I have a toddler.  I’m hilarious, I know. Yes. I want all the things and don’t understand why others think I can’t have them. It seriously confuses me. We can talk about that part of my crazy another time.  

So, the minimizing can sometimes feel like one more thing, but when I complete a task, a part of my brain actually opens up to be able to hold and think about other things.  It’s almost a physical experience. When I look at all the STUFF, it makes me crazy and not want to do anything because nothing has a place. Giving everything a place tones down the crazy inside my head.  I’m sure we all can agree that’s a positive.  

Soooo… when I was sitting in church listening to Danny talk about not attaching ourselves to things that in the end will simply burn and be gone but attaching ourselves to things that will last forever, it added a completely new layer of meaning to this journey that really is taking A LOT longer to finish.  That equals a bigger motivation than what I started with a few weeks ago. It means there really is a bigger purpose into putting more time and effort into our experiences rather than collecting stuff. Like we apparently like to do. Refer back to my last post in case you forgot the amount of clothes I’ve collected.  Our souls are what will last forever when this place is gone. The stuff doesn’t matter. What a load off! So here I am thinking about not just de-stressing, but also keeping my eyes on the bigger prize at the end of all this. God knows exactly what he is doing when he plants a seed in my heart and mind. I usually don’t.  I’m slow to catch on, but he keeps pushing me forward until I get it. I blame my family for my stubborn qualities. #thestruggleisreal folks. Just ask my husband.  

So this weekend we focused on purging and minimizing Brooks’ room and stuff.  We were unbelievably blessed by others when we had him and basically were given EVERYTHING and then some.  We were able to pay it forward this weekend and it was a double win! We got to bless someone, and I got to get a bunch of stuff out of my house!  IT FELT AWESOME! Toys, clothes, furniture… whew! See this giant bin…Exhibit A…

Toy Box
Exhibit A

That was FULL of toys just in the living room.  That didn’t even hold it all. Insane. Can a kid really play with that many toys?  The answer is NO. He couldn’t, and he didn’t. None of us even really knew what he had because he had so much.  Craziness.

We are now down to a few small bins in his room. See Exhibit B. Feels so good! 

Exhibit B

We also went from two massive dressers to one dresser of clothes.  We now actually know what he has, and it feels so much less overwhelming.  Again, it really is almost a physical experience when you declutter and minimize. 

So progress is being made.  Slow but steady. We still have a lot to do.  The kitchen is probably my next stop. I’ll keep you posted, but I don’t see an end in sight to our minimizing just yet!  The hardest part to it all will be keeping it that way. But that’s another side to the journey we can get into when this is all done.  

If you want to start your own minimalism journey, check out the Minimalists website.  They have a “Start Here” section under their blog, and it’s super helpful. That’s where our journey started years ago.  On a broader note to living well and minimizing, you should read the book The Year of Living Danishly by Helen Russell. It’s one of my absolute favorite books and will make you rethink things in a bigger way related to this type of journey.  So good luck!  




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