I watched ONE episode of Marie Kondo… and I was HOOKED!  That led me to episode two. That led me to watching the Minimalism documentary again.  And so on… I LOVE summer!  lol #teacherlife

About 5 years or so ago, our fertility struggle and a friend’s ability to live on one salary for a family of four led me to the Minimalists website:  https://www.theminimalists.com/

That one little nugget set us on a little journey of minimizing.  We minimized all kinds of things: furniture, clothes, books; you name it.  We even downsized our house and went from about 2600 square feet to about 1800 square feet. But a lot has happened since that first round of minimizing. One of the biggest changes… we had a kid.  And with that sweet, adorable, silly boy comes A LOT of STUFF!  Whoa.

All that minimizing seems to have shifted once again, and I feel a NEED to reboot!  Life has become cluttered and a bit out of control again and that adds a little stress when things are so messy. So here we go! I’m using the minimalists mindset, but Marie Kondo method.  

Day one started with my clothes.  This might be a little embarrassing… hold the judgement, okay…. it happens.  Take a little peek at the before…

I took EVERYTHING out of my closet and drawers and boy was that overwhelming to see how much I really have.  Seeing it all in one pile and going through each piece of clothing was quite an experience.

What I thought would take me less than a day, took me working on it over the course of three days.  You can see why, I’m sure.  

I just finished my clothing today. There was a moment I really wanted to just throw it all back into drawers and forget about it, but I’m glad I didn’t! I LOVE the end result!  

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

I’m donating a ton of stuff, and I already feel less stressed!  I even purged and organized my bathroom and went through all of Brooks’ stuff and reorganized his closet.  Luckily that took a lot less time!  Needless to say, that nice little schedule I set for myself (insert control freak eye roll here) and what I would get done this week has changed a bit.  BUT… I’m extremely glad I’ve started and already see how purging and organizing will help reduce a little bit of the stress.  Getting it done before the school year starts again is a huge bonus!

I’ll try to share a lot of before and after pictures on this journey, so hold on!  I’m pumped, and I hope you go on this journey with me.  I’ll even accept some words of encouragement along the way if you’re willing.  I’m jumping into toys and books tomorrow!  Pray my child doesn’t realize things are missing when he gets home. 


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