Life is most inspired these days.  Our journey the last several years have given me a new perspective.  Living with our little blessing, Brooks, has opened my eyes to seeing the world in a whole new way.  His smile, giggle, and inquisitive mind make the most mundane things fun.  Watching him figure out how to put his pacifier in his mouth the right way on his own just cracks me up.  Seeing him have the time of his life just jumping from the door frame is a riot.  The little things.  I realize I now can slow down and appreciate the little things.  It’s a beautiful space to be in and live in daily.

Brooks LOVES playing!

This is not a space I ever imagined I would love so much.  I don’t think anyone can comprehend love like this until you experience it for yourself.  It’s just not something that can be explained.  Having so much fun with this little guy is the best gift day in and day out.  God made him so perfectly and wonderfully that I find myself quietly thanking Him quite often.


Brooks inspires me to be happy…I mean really how can you not be happy around that smile…to approach life differently…to consider different perspectives…to enjoy the small moments…to think bigger…and on and on and on.

I’m sure one day something he does will annoy me, but for now I’m going to soak up all the cute little things he does every second and enjoy all he is teaching me!


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