I haven’t posted in a while, because I’ve been in the middle of the most beautiful whirlwind of new motherhood!  And I really don’t have much to say except to share this journey with Brooks.


I know I’m biased toward my little man, but I swear God created him to bring happiness to this world.  Brooks’ little smile can light up an entire room.  I dare you to try not to smile when he does!  Chris and I have been told so many times that he has the best smile, and we think so too!  So I can’t help but share that cutie here and with the world.  Even when we are up all night with a sick baby or feeding or rocking, this little guy will look at us and smile and then the exhaustion doesn’t matter.

The struggle as a working mom, though, is so real.  Only getting an hour or so at night during the week is difficult.  It’s a glorious hour, but never long enough.  We literally live for the weekend to spend quality time with our little man.  So I now understand the feelings working moms have battled.  As a teacher, I used to work hours upon hours at home.  Now I leave it all at work because I’m committed to spending quality time with Brooks.  Then a little guilt creeps in and I wonder if I’m doing enough for my kids at work.  Or pressure for my students to perform well on STAAR (ugh…that’s a whole other post) starts to take hold and stress begins to seep into every part of life.  Then there is bottle washing, laundry, floors to clean, dishes to wash, dinner to plan and cook, papers to grade, lessons to plan, and on and on….

I don’t think a working mom ever feels like there is a perfect balance.  I know I don’t.  You never quite feel like you are doing enough in either realm.  So I just pray!  And thank God I’m blessed to have such problems.  lol.  So I feel you working moms!

As a result… please excuse us for living in a bubble the last six months.  YES… I said SIX MONTHS!  Out little and will be six months SOON!  WHAT??!!  We’ve just be soaking up every minute we can with our little blessing.  He is so much more than we could ever have imagined and has brought so much more joy to us and others that it is just beautiful to watch.

As always, continued prayers for his life journey and our ability to parent in God’s way are always appreciated…

Blessings from the Maas family….

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