Being a mommy is the most wonderful feeling in the world, and one that cannot be explained with any word I’ve ever encountered.  People don’t tell you that your heart will be filled with so much love the moment you see your baby that you feel like your heart by explode and there is no way to process it all.  But even if they did try to tell you, you could never understand it anyways.  There would be no easy way to comprehend until the little bundle arrives, and you experience it for yourself.
     I’m not sure if it is because Chris and I have waited so long for this moment or if everyone feels this way.  Either way, it’s the BEST, and I cannot thank God enough every day that He has given us this beautiful gift and allowed Chris and I to be parents to this adorable boy.
     That being said, I’m not saying this isn’t hard. This is probably the hardest thing I’ve ever done.  But as with all the other difficult things I have faced in my life, the tough side to mommy-hood makes this journey so much more rewarding.  The up all nights, the crying for no reason, the exhaustion, the sleeping in mommy’s arms, the first smile, the first giggle… they are all worth every moment.
     I find myself thinking about what Brooks willbe like when he is old enough to talk and express his likes and dislikes more.  What will he be like when he goes too school?  What will he be like around other people?  Will he be a social butterfly or will he have to work at making friends?  Will he like school or hate it?  Will he let me hug and kiss him even when he’s a teenager?  It’s so easy to get wrapped up in who I want him to become even at such an early age.  So I have to remind myself even now that he is his own person, and I send a prayer up to God that He help Brooks become all God wants him to be and for the guidance for Chris and I to nurture God’s plans for him.
Now that our dreams have come true and all of your prayers that you prayed for us have been answered, I ask for more prayers.  I ask to you pray for our little Brooks journey in life.  I ask that you pray he is filled with a strong desire to know and love the Lord.  I ask you to pray for his path to follow God’s plan for him, and I ask you to pray that God give Chris and I the ability and strength to guide Brooks on that path.  pray-hands
All our love,
April(& Chris)

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