Baby Maas will be 26 weeks tomorrow!  We had an amazing 24 week appointment where our Sonographer checked out all his little organs and blood flow and brain and who knows what else.  He’s perfect!

We continue to rock along in this pregnancy without any issues or concerns other than the normal pregnancy stuff.  It is definitely getting more difficult to bend over.  I breath a little harder when walking up the stairs.  I know… I should be walking more.  But in the grand scheme of things, we are doing well.  No real swelling or terrible pains to speak too much about.  Just a little sciatic pain down the left leg, but it hasn’t lingered too long or been too terrible.

This 3D picture below is just a little sneak peak at our little guy!


It’s unbelievable what you can see in an ultrasound these days!  So the argument has already begun as to who this little one looks like.

I have my glucose testing and next doctor appointment May 25th.  Can’t say I’m really looking forward to that one too much, but I guess it’s a must.  I will get to meet with Dr. Seeker again after my test and get another peak at our little guy.

We took a birthing class yesterday at St. David’s and got a quick tour of the hospital.  Everyone there has been amazing and wonderful so far.  Lots of great information to help put a momma’s mind at ease for all the ‘what ifs.’  Which is great for a dooms day girl like me.

Not much else to report except all is well!  How wonderfully boring!  Sorry if this didn’t flow well… baby has sucked the life out of my brain, and it feels pretty scattered most of the time.

Y’all just send up a little prayer for Chris as he continues to put up with me.  : )

God is Good!



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