So… we were officially licensed on September 3rd with our foster/adopt agency.  Since then, we’ve had two potential placements not take place for a variety of reasons… as many of you already know.  One through the adoption side and one through the foster side.

While we have not been able to find our forever kiddos just yet, we have learned a lot about the foster/adopt system and processes.  There are a lot more people involved in every decision than you can even imagine.  There are a million variables that all have to work for a placement to reach our home.  And even though the agency works hard to help you prepare for the emotional side, you really can’t be prepared.  Whoa.

As a result of learning by fire in the first few weeks, Chris and I have decided to seek our forever children through the legal risk/straight adopt side of our agency.  All that really means is it cuts down on some of the variables, not all, and allows for a little less extreme emotions to fly around and a little more preparation time in most instances.  Really…. it’s all just really complicated.  Trying to simplify here.  : )

We really just wanted to give everyone an update and let y’all know things won’t be moving as fast as we originally thought it would and that’s ok.  We are still praying for our little munchkins that God has planned for us, and, as usual, ask you all to keep praying as well!  We promise we’ll keep everyone posted!


One thought on “Where are we now?

  1. Thanks for the update as I have wondered but didn’t want to ask. Some little pumpkin is going to be so blessed to have you guys as parents. In my thoughts and prayers, Suzy

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