Ok folks!  We just talked to our home study writer.  Our home study is being submitted tonight to our Agency, Arrow.  They should be meeting about us soon… possibly TOMORROW!  There is a REALLY good chance we will receive our foster (/adopt) license by the end of the week.  At that point, things could get really real really quickly!  There is a VERY GOOD chance that we could get a call within 24/48 hours after we receive our license.   YES… I’m basically saying we could literally have a child/children in our home within a week or so! EEEKKKK!!!!  I promise not to panic even though I’m a control freak and CAN’T CONTROL ANY OF THIS!!!  : )

We won’t know anything about him/her until we get the call from our Agency…  So preparing is a little difficult.  We do have multiple types of furniture for a variety of ages.  Other than that…. we will have to get a lot of essential items very quickly after we get the call: bedding, clothes, possibly diapers, car seat (possibly 2), hygiene stuff, toys, etc. We are hoping we will have at least a few hours notice or possibly a day’s notice before we get the kiddos, but that’s not always the case.  We are really just preparing for whatever God puts in front of us in whatever time frame.  In that respect, we could certainly use prayers for God’s will and the hearts and minds of the child/children that are placed with us and that it is as easy a transition as possible and things fall into place for everyone in what can be a very difficult time.

Some of you have asked how you can help.  Because we won’t know the ages or genders until we get the call, there isn’t anything too specific we can tell y’all.  Target gift cards, baby wipes, and maybe just being available in the next week or two for some hand-me-downs would be awesome.  The kiddos could come with a lot of stuff of their own or with almost nothing.  We really don’t know.  So please pray for being able to provide quickly for them whatever needs they may have physically and emotionally.

Thank you all for being on this roller coaster with us and please continue with those prayers!  We’ll keep you posted!

April & Chris

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