Ok, y’all!!  We are entering the final phase of our foster/adopt licensing process!  Our Home Study has been scheduled for Monday at 5pm.  The home study is mostly an interview process.  The agency sends someone to talk to us each separately and then together. She will also take a look at our home.  They are just trying to make sure we are in a good place in our marriage and individually, and that we are a good fit for this type of journey.

The home study itself should take about 4 hours.  After that, the home study writer will have two weeks to write the report and send it to our agency for review and edits.  The report then goes to a panel for review.  We could be called and asked more questions anytime during this process.  Finally, the panel will call us and make a decision on whether we are a good fit and should be licensed.  The whole process could take three to six weeks from Monday (time of home study). … so we are looking at early to mid September for a decision.  We are asking to be licensed to be able to take two children in case we decide to accept two kiddos.

If we are selected and licensed, then we could receive a call any time for placement of a child.  Chris and I have talked a lot about ages and things of children.  We feel like this is a big decision.  We have discussed taking a sibling group of two ranging from ages 0 – 6 years old.  We have discussed maybe just starting with one child and adding a second if things transition smoothly.  We just don’t know right at the moment.  We are in prayer for knowing what we are called to do and to simply be open to the child or children God wants us to take into our home.  We have no real preference on gender or race.  We simply believe God will give us the child/children he wants our family to have and that’s it.

Next steps… get through the interview on Monday and wait patiently!  Yes, I said patiently.  Yes, I know it’s not my strong suit.  Yes, I will be in A LOT OF PRAYER during that time to just let Jesus do his thang, and I’ll just do as he directs me!  I’m growing folks!  #TheStruggleIsReal  #God’sWork  #God’sPlan  #God’sFamily

We just ask that y’all remain in prayer with us during this final phase.

April & Chris

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