BIG DAY, y’all!!!  I can’t even express the joy I’m feeling right now!!

Yesterday afternoon, Chris and I checked off the LAST of our items for our foster license!!!  Yes… it’s okay to breakout into dance at this point!  BUT…. what does that really mean??

It means that now we wait for our agency, Arrow, to review our file and schedule our verification visit.  This visit will just go over everything in the house and our file and verify we have completed everything on the required list for the license.  At that point, we will be scheduled for our home study.  That is the sit down with Arrow for interviews and talking about life and expectations.  The final step after that will be Arrow deciding if we are a good fit.  If we are a good fit, then we will be licensed and can accept the placement of a child!

So… we still have a few things left, but this is a HUGE step forward and one step that I wasn’t sure we would ever complete.  Again, God has shown me that patience and trust in him is the ONLY way to go and of course… He’s Got This!!  You’d think I would have learned by now… can someone say “stubborn???”

I want to give a big shout out and THANK YOU to someone who has become an amazing supporter and friend, Aimee Cruz.  She has allowed me to vent, complain, discuss, and express my uncertainty throughout this process while graciously listening, validating, and guiding me back to trusting what the Lord has as a plan for us.  Our time talking and sharing both of our unique paths to creating a family have been absolutely invaluable!

As always, we will keep you all posted as we move forward.  Keep those prayers comin’!

April and Chris

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