Tomorrow, Chris and I will finish the last two of our AFI classes through Arrow for our foster license. We then have a final culminating class mid June that we will attend and be on our way to wrapping up our requirements.  A few other things still need to be completed like some online courses, inspections, interview, remaining paperwork, but we finally feel like we can see the light at the end of the tunnel in the licensing process.  That puts us one step closer to building our family.
While there is still a lot to do, Chris and I are feeling hopeful, anxious, and a little scared about the possibility of having kiddos placed with us by the end of summer.  I’m not sure we can ever truly be prepared, but we are getting as prepared as one can in a foster to adopt journey, and Arrow has made it all a little less overwhelming than it might otherwise be.
We ask for your continued thoughts and prayers over the next few months.  We pray for the process to continue to go smoothly, that we are prepared for the next steps, that all parties involved in the placement process have the best interest of the children truly in mind, that our first placement goes as smoothly as possible, and that God prepares our hearts and those of our family if our first placement of children don’t turn out to be our forever kiddos.  Help us see the work he wants us to do for Him and check our selfish desires at the door.  We are so grateful to be in this position, and thank you all for going on this journey with us.
Love and Blessings,
April and Chris

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