As promised on Facebook, I’m updating everyone since we went to the Future and A Hope Foster & Adoption Conference a week ago.
On our drive over to Austin Ridge Bible Church, I posted on Facebook to call for prayers for clarity on God’s path for our adoption process.  Chris and I have known for a while now that we are ready to adopt, but as we thought we decided on a path, we couldn’t seem to get sense of what adoption agency to use.  Looking at and hearing about domestic adoption agencies became overwhelming and fears started to creep in that we wouldn’t be able to grow our family this way.  As these fears began to grow, we started just simply praying for God’s clarity in His time frame to let us know what our next step would be and attending the conference was exactly what we needed!
Chris and I were sitting in the auditorium listening to the keynote speaker, Dr. Purvis, talk about fostering and adopting kids from hard places.  By the end of that hour Chris and I both knew we needed to take another look at fostering to adopt rather than domestic adoption.  We picked each breakout session we went to based on fostering to adopt and ate lunch with families who have been down that path or are currently on that path.  God spoke directly into each of our hearts.  By the time we ended up at the closing session that day, we knew God had called us to foster to adopt to grow our family and exactly what agency we should use for the process.
Chris and I just completed our initial application with Arrow and submitted it today.  At this point, we will be working on more paperwork and attending various classes that will eventually and hopefully lead to our license approval to be a foster family.  We have elected to be open to a sibling group of two ranging in age from 0 (infant) to six years old.  The process will take somewhere around 3 months, give or take.  Over the next three months we will be working on getting our home ready for a home study and various inspections as well as collecting items we might need once we are able to accept God’s children into our home.
There will be many questions along the way and a lot of uncertainties.  There are no guarantees that we will be able to adopt the children that are first placed with us in our home or even the second.  However, we know God will use us in the way that best fits His purpose, and we know that at the right time, God will give us our forever children.
We simply ask for prayers at this point that we are able to work through the licensing process with open hearts and become prepared for the children God has for us.  We know many of you have prayed for us over and over and we are so thankful for each and every one of you.  Know your prayers and ours are being answered!
Much love,
April and Chris

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