As 2015 has begun, Chris and I have been contemplating what our finances need to look like in order to accomplish some of our goals this year.  I am changing jobs, we want to start the adoption process, we want to begin saving more seriously rather than casually without a real plan… do all of those things even go hand in hand???  Lol!  They are all a little scary, but we are trusting God and know he will lead us down the right path in all things.  We were reminded of this in church last Sunday as we listened to the One Thing sermon.  (listen to it here:  One Thing) We are reminded that as long as we look to God for guided, we will always be on the right path.

Recently, we decided to sell our Prius, posted an ad on Criasglist, and put the link on Facebook.  This caused a bit of concern among some friends and family wondering if we were okay.  I’m thankful we have so many people who care about our well being.  And yes, we are ok!  We are just deciding to make serious financial decisions that are important to our financial and personal goals this year.

About a year ago, we started minimizing. ( – Check it out!)  We got rid of a TON of stuff we never used and and space we would never need.  We changed our mindset to think about things we NEED, not WANT.  We are still working on that mindset, but we changed a lot of the things we were doing.  We sold our house, paid off debt, sold a tone of material possessions, and it was the best thing we ever did!  I think some people thought we were crazy.  Well, this year, they may think we are even crazier!  And we are!  We are crazy serious about accomplishing the goals and destiny God is setting in motion for us.

That path has led us to Dave Ramsey’s Financial Peace University.  We have felt kind of stuck in our path to become financially secure.  We have made huge strides, but we are facing new challenges with my career change and desire to adopt, so we needed something to help us determine our next steps.  Our wonderful friend and amazing realtor, Lindsay Currey, posted about teaching the Dave Ramsey Financial Peace University, so we have signed up!

Financial Peace

Now this is a program for those serious about taking drastic measures to secure the life they want… THAT’s US… especially this year.  I guess this is partially a heads up to tell everyone that things are okay, and that the choices we are making this year may seem a little odd or drastic, but they are purposeful.  AND … we are so pumped to see the progress and results!

If your interested in a bit of change or a drastic one, I highly suggest taking a look at and considering taking the Financial Peace University seminar.  They are currently being offered at many churches, and we could send you links to two that are starting soon.  It’s always more fun to head down a life changing journey with others!

Cheers to a New Year!


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