As I’ve been writing, Chris and I are on a journey to start a family.  We attended an Adoption 101 class at our church, Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville, in November and then an Arrow Foster/Adoption information session.  We then prayed a lot about God’s path for our family’s creation, and have decided domestic infant adoption is what we are called to do, and we are excited about getting the process started in 2015!

We are registered to attend A Future and Hope Adoption Conference in February and will be looking for the right agency to move forward with the adoption process.  We would love for y’all to join us in prayer for finding the right agency.

We feel like this has been a long time coming.  As many of you know, we have tried to start our family for 4 years and had one miscarriage along the way.  My surgery earlier this year did not yield the results we thought it would, and we finally felt like we were at a point where we were ready to take this big step forward.

I’ve always had an inkling that adoption might be in our future.  I guess in the back of my mind I knew it was God’s plan all along.  We’ve just been slow getting on the train to the party.

The emotions in the process have been more real than any I have ever experienced.  God has used this journey to help me relinquish control, and I am still embracing that lesson. I also know emotions will continue to ebb and flow with ups and downs, but they are important and have their own meaning.

We can only pray for a smooth process as we begin to move forward, and ask for patience and understanding for each step.  We’ll keep you all posted.



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