Chris and I just came home from an Adoption 101 class at our church, Hill Country Bible Church Pflugerville.  As many of you know, we attended an adoption conference the February after our miscarriage because we felt called to adoption, but we decided to keep trying on our own and never pursued the adoption route.  We have come to a point where we feel called again after prayer that God’s plan would be revealed, and we would understand whether to move forward with infertility options or adoption options.  Adoption 101 showed up as an event at church, and we knew we needed to be there to see what it meant for us.  We thank each and every one of you who have prayer for our clarity on such an emotional part of our life because y’all helped in guided us toward this class.

Chris and I feel tonight’s class was the clarifying message that adoption is God’s plan for our family.  It’s a wonderfully peaceful feeling to know the long term vision for our family, but there are still many things to be considered.  Our next step is to listen for God’s message for the type of adoption he is calling us to.  There are many types.  The two we will be considering are quite different in nature:  foster to adopt and private adoption of an infant.

Two years ago Chris and I both would have told you that there was really only one option for us:  private infant adoption.  We believed that was the only thing we could emotionally handle.  After tonight’s class, God has shown us that our hearts need to be open to His will and plan for our family, not our own plan.  Over the past couple of years, I have come to realize that I cannot control my life, nor should I.  YIKES!  I have come to realize the only plan that is worth living out is God’s.

So here we are again.  Asking for your prayers to help us be open to hearing God’s word as He reveals the adoption route he has in store for us!  We are excited and scared all at the same time, but know in our hearts that He will be there with us every step of the way.

We love you all for caring so much about us during our journey to live openly.  Who knew this is where our journey would lead us.  What an adventure it will be!

April & Chris

2 thoughts on “Adoption 101

    1. Thanks y’all!! We are going to the adoption conference again this year. We have decided on domestic infant adoption, so now we just need to figure our which agency to go with. We think of y’all often through our journey!


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