As mentioned in my previous post, Chris and I have faced a lot of change in the past few months between our minimalist lifestyle change, moving, and my new job.  September also signified another big point in our lives this year.

As many of you know, we have been struggling to start a family.  Part of that journey this year was a surgery that I had back in March.  This surgery gave us a about six month window to try to conceive naturally.  As it is now October, that window as passed, and we have not been able to conceive.

This brings us to a point in which we must make a complicated decision.  Minimalism has provided us with an opportunity to be able to afford a next step in the infertility process.  However, choosing the next step becomes complicated for someone like me… always analyzing and considering the “whatifs.”

Our next conversation with Dr. Seeker will most likely be about In Vitro in order to conceive.  This is a very costly and relatively low success procedure, but would allow us to conceive our own biological child.  Our other option is to move forward with adoption.  Also an expensive option with various types of considerations that reach beyond just myself and Chris.  We are both happy with either of these options.

This is where the complicated decision comes in to play.  We can’t afford to do both.  Meaning, if we choose In Vitro but it doesn’t work…well… we would not be able to afford another round or adopt, leaving us with no options.

This is where we reach out to those around us.  As we consider these options, we ask for your prayers for one thing:  Allow us to hear what God wants for our future family.  Not for what we want, what you want, or what anyone thinks we should want, but a prayer for what the only One who matters wants and that we are accepting of His voice.

That’s all we have for now.  I promise to keep you all updated.


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